16 February 2021

Leading Pharma and market access consultancy, Conclusio, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Anant Jani as its director of clinical insights. Dr Jani is a population health specialist and his work in academia has spanned a variety of fields over the years including studying the role of gene regulation and epigenetics in B and T cell development and more recently focusing on healthcare system redesign and strategies to promote population health through a value-based healthcare lens.

Dr Jani worked in the NHS RightCare programme from 2011-2014 within localities across England to design and implement high value Population-based Health and Care Systems, including building the first national system for stroke prevention for patients with atrial fibrillation – a joint effort with NHS England and Public Health England. After this he served as executive director of Better Value Healthcare, a boutique advisory firm working with healthcare systems internationally (England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), to design and build high value healthcare systems.

He is currently an Oxford Martin Fellow at the University of Oxford and recently worked with the Royal College of GPs Research Surveillance Centre to launch the NHS-England sponsored social prescribing observatory, which provides weekly updates on social prescribing utilisation across England disaggregated by ICS and different demographic characteristics.

Conclusio has been growing its presence in the health care sector and, throughout 2020, supporting clients to build their relationships and business in the NHS supply chain. This includes organisations in pharmaceutical, social care and community pharmacy.

Speaking about Dr Jani’s appointment, Conclusio Managing Director James Roach says

“Having worked with Dr Jani for the last year on a range of clinical transformation and joint working programmes, I’m delighted he is now joining us as part of the Core Team. Anant has extensive experience in healthcare system redesign, population health and value-based healthcare with a CV and track-record, both nationally and internationally, that speaks for itself. Given the much- needed shift in NHS focus from transaction to transformation and input to outcomes, he will be a key part of Conclusio and the NHS/Pharma partnership working landscape moving forward. He will help to lead and shape our budget impact modelling offer, pathway-simulation and value- based outcomes approach during 2021 and beyond.”

Speaking about Dr Jani’s appointment, Conclusio Chair, Mike Proctor says

“Dr Jani is a very welcome addition to the panel of subject matter experts that forms the core of Conclusio. His experience in clinical modelling and innovation will be hugely valuable to the organisations we currently work with and all others that seek to be part of the new relationship dynamics between the private and public sectors. His background in, and deep understanding of population-based health and care systems will add greatly to our comprehensive transformation and innovation offer.”

Responding to his new role with Conclusio, Dr Anant Jani says

“I’m very pleased to be joining Conclusio. Conclusio has built a solid portfolio of work and has huge potential to yield further impact, especially in terms of driving better health for the population.”

A recent addition to its portfolio of services has been supporting health and pharma clients to navigate the new commissioning and service provision dynamics in health and social care brought about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current Government White Paper, and events like the revised Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice, means that Industry partners have an increasingly wider platform on which to cooperate and collaborate. Conclusio is supporting this relationship consolidating and building through its expert briefing and guidance in these developments.