26 October 2021

New platform will help Integrated Care Systems operationalise healthcare data to address waiting list challenges

A new agile data solution, conceived through collaboration between Conclusio, IBM and i5 aims to help sustain the progress of integrated care and address the unprecedented challenges faced by the NHS in England.

Operationalising Intelligence allows NHS organisations to visualise information using up to date data to inform decision making across all health and care sectors. The platform uses local NHS, partner and national data to build a real-time picture of demand on services. Data analysis and expert insight and analysis provide the operational narrative to manage waiting lists, improving patient experience and support the commissioning services appropriate to local needs.    

James Roach, Managing Director of Conclusio, says

“Conclusio is delighted to announce such an innovative working partnership with IBM and i5 and are looking forward to supporting ICSs through triangulation of data, intelligence and experience to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time.”

Operationalising Intelligence can also support population health approaches.

Dr Anant Jani, Conclusio Director of Clinical Insights says

“The biggest impact on improving population health will come from identifying low and medium risk population subgroups and intervening early to promote health and prevent disease, effectively reducing demand for an already overstretched NHS.  The Operationalising Intelligence platform is capable of doing just this - it can be a truly transformative resource for the NHS."

Operationalising Intelligence can help in the risk stratification of patients awaiting treatment, and their ongoing management, and the prioritisation of services and resources

Michael Proctor, Conclusio Non-Executive Chair and former NHS Trust Chief Executive says

“The NHS recovery programme requires sophisticated data to enable optimum use of resources to focus and prioritise efforts on those patients with the highest risks and greatest needs. This tool, through the triangulation of multiple sources of information, enables managers and clinicians to work together to achieve this and, in population health terms, anticipate future demand and unmet needs.”

The Operationalising Intelligence approach is simple, agile and adaptable. It can be used by any NHS organisation, including emerging ICSs, within existing data and digital architecture, at whatever its stage of data development. As an integrated data solution, Operationalising Intelligence allows visualisation and triangulation of information, within a co-designed dashboard, designed to drive operational recovery and improvement and help NHS organisations to move from being reactive to proactive.

A leaflet on Operationalising Intelligence can be found here https://conclusio.co.uk/cms-data/publications/Operationalising%20Intelligence%20Leaflet.pdf