17 March 2021

Conclusio Limited is exploring ways to work in partnership with HealthLumen, a specialist in population-level modelling of chronic diseases, to provide a range of evidence-driven market solutions for the pharmaceutical sector and the wider NHS.

Population-based health is an integral part of the operational strategy for both Conclusio and HealthLumen, which they view as the optimal approach for addressing the significant challenges the health and social care supply chain will face over the next decade. Examples of the type of programmes that can be supported are  

  • Modelling clinical service challenges and developing improvement opportunities for health systems and supply chain partners.
  • Assessing the burden of chronic diseases on the NHS and the health and economic impacts of various interventions (such as policy changes or new treatments) to reduce it.
  • Designing, simulating and operationalising optimal care pathways.
  • Using expert analysis to determine the future demands on population health systems and make the right decisions now to address that.
  • Developing health systems and equipping key individuals within them to optimise planning for, and provision of, population health services.


HealthLumen is a future-facing decision engine for big, real world population health questions. It comprises a multi-disciplinary team of epidemiologists, mathematicians, data scientists, population health researchers and software engineers