26 February 2021


Conclusio Chair, Mike Proctor, reflects on the current changes in the NHS and the opportunity for Pharma

In over 20 years, as an NHS Executive Director, I have never experienced such seismic changes in the health and social care system particularly in the way in which services are commissioned, provided, monitored and regulated. Some of the change is a result of the NHS Long Term Plan, some due to the transit from Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships to Integrated Care Systems, and some from the unanticipated impacts and demands of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There is no doubt that the impact of each of these elements compounds and multiplies the scale of change overall. The rate of acceleration and adoption of this change has affected every area of health and social care, none more so than the way in which the private and public sectors communicate, cooperate and collaborate.

True partnership working is in place and that means we can harness all that offers in terms of driving better incomes for the end-users of health and social care services. The stock of the pharma industry has never been higher and it is legitimate for industry to position themselves as a partner across the heath and care landscape.

Our team at Conclusio with its panel of subject matter experts, many of whom have been or are involved in shaping this agenda, are well placed to advise on the nature of the changes and ensure you are in a strong position to engage proactively and to respond as a partner with purpose.

The legislative drivers for reform, found in the recently published Government White Paper, Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all present further opportunities for Pharma to grow its partnerships with the NHS. Developments like the ABPI Code of Practice 2021 give further legitimacy and licence through its clauses on collaborative and joint working.

A clear opportunity to act exists; a fresh mind-set and commitment to the NHS and Industry partnering with purpose is the key to unlocking better health care outcomes for those who use NHS services.