2 March 2021



The strategic direction for community pharmacy is changing. 2020 saw the sector move into a fuller leadership role within health systems, proving its value in delivering out of hospital care, initiating and sustaining home care models of care, creating a new dynamic in primary care, and playing a pivot role in a new relationship between primary and community care.

As the model of community pharmacy evolves, a strategic approach is needed to continue the role of community pharmacy in delivering better population health based outcomes at:

  • Regional level the role of local pharmacy networks as part of primary care
  • System level community pharmacy vital in ensuring commissioning decisions in integrated care systems are deliverable
  • Place where patient outcomes and priorities will be decided by provider groups.
  • Neighbourhood Supporting PCN’s to achieve the best they can through appropriate and functioning leadership at MDT level

Sharing insights and leading the discussion, will be:

  • Mike Proctor, Conclusio Chair and recent NHS Trust CE
  • Johnny Skillicorn Aston, Conclusio Communications and Engagement Specialist and Editor of  London Community Pharmacy Strategy 2020
  • John Niland, Community Provider CEO
  • Adam Irvine, Chief Officer, Cheshire and Wirral LPC