22 March 2022

When Conclusio designed this service improvement framework, Integrated Care Systems ICS were starting to form. Looking at the statistics in the 10- Point Plan, they form the sort of challenge that we rank among the wider determinants of health. Nutrition is foundational to the success of clinical therapy and its absence in so many patients remains a critical indictment of our care for the most vulnerable people for whom health and social care services are accountable.

Since the launch of the 10-Point Plan, ICSs have experienced the shock-wave of COVID-19 during an early and critical stage in their development. As they restore services, restoring the opportunity to tackle this challenge is of paramount importance as part of a population health-based approach.

Being well-nourished is a basic requirement for personal wellbeing, good health and securing the efficacy of interventions and treatments for disease and sickness when health fails. There will remain significant variance across the country, and across health sectors, over how nutrition, its monitoring and support, is managed. At its core, is the need to view positive nutrition as a value-based and population health care proposition as well as a key factor in driving an effective preventative health agenda.

A new and dynamic approach is needed to refresh the principles and examples set by the 10-Point Plan and a service improvement programme, tested and validated nationally. Applied consistently, we could see better outcomes through a whole pathway approach.