Engaging with Impact – helping organisations demonstrate their value through action and example. Building on our collective experience as senior health care leaders, we have helped clients in the following ways:

  • We have worked with the pharmaceutical industry on a range of local and national clinical innovation programmes.
  • We have reshaped training and development approaches through the provision of a national, virtual education programme across primary care systems.
  • We have supported our clients to develop innovative value propositions that focus on partnering with health systems to develop optimal care pathway approaches. Thereby, evidencing the wider value of the product and its impact.
  • We have developed and managed innovative and national launches of prescription and OTC medicines.
  • We have built influence through engaging with a wide range of senior health care professionals – this includes mapping of care pathways, creating digital data solutions, and holding national roundtable discussion events and advisory boards across a range of clinical partnerships.
  • We have connected our clients to systems, organisations, pathway and professionals – building trust, creating relationships and brokering dialogue.