Helping organisations to pivot to be successful in changing landscapes.

  • Through our Intelligent Targeting approach we have been at the forefront of developing comprehensive investment appraisals and data modelling approaches which are population health focused, incorporates real world evidence and draws a range of clinical financial and non-financial benefits.
  • Developed and delivered the National Clinical Innovation Programme on behalf of the National Pharmacy Association, this included publication of a national report highlighting how Community Pharmacy could release circa 18 million GP appointments per year.
  • Developed and launched digital clinical training across primary and community care
  • Led an innovative training programme for nurse leaders and hospital consultants.
  • Supported a large global pharma company with a launch of a new over the counter proposition. We shaped an innovative programme with a focus on pull through with a changing NHS.
  • Implemented numerous innovations, financial turnaround and service improvement programmes across the NHS.
  • Authored value propositions for a number of products and service developments, using traditional approaches as well as interactive online tools.
  • Enabled clients to access the markets digitally and remotely.
  • Thought leadership – authored and published a number of national reports articles on healthcare, pharmacy, COVID-19 etc. Regularly present at conferences in the UK and Internationally.

Innovation process

Innovation is a process of attaining insight, determining the problem, providing a solution with an appropriately designed business model and scaling to suit the level at which the innovation needs to occur. Throughout the process of embedding innovatory practice, design or delivery, a continuing effort needs to be taken in calling out the challenge, scoping the task, optimising the solution and determining its value and then delivering at scale.