Developing partnering with purpose approaches and developing the cultures that get you there.

  • Supported a range of pharmaceutical companies with bidding for regional and national contracts.
  • Worked with Health Innovation Manchester, we reshaped the COPD Strategy across acute, community and primary care.
  • Led a major health and social care integration programme in Wiltshire, including the development of an innovative hospital discharge programme bringing together acute, community and social care providers to reduce delays in transfers of care, increasing the patients ability to regain independence.
  • Led partnerships across the NHS, pharmaceutical industry, academia and policy in developing new clinical models of care for diabetes, COPD, MSK, Pain Management, CVD and others.
  • Played a key role in bringing clinicians together across care pathways and health and care systems to deliver innovative, impactful clinical services. Developed key performance and outcome measures which build collective responsibility.
  • Played a key part in reshaping the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector in Greater Manchester and were actively involved in changing models of engagement and governance.

Implementation diagram

Successful implementation of partnership working requires the cornerstones of ‘reviewing and revising’, ‘sustaining outcomes’, ‘scoping and building’ and ‘managing and maintaining’. All the developmental elements need to operate within this framework. This includes the process of identifying need, scoping what needs to be done, building, planning and getting the right structure in place to support delivery and measuring and reviewing impact.