The partnership pathway

Conclusio can support you in developing a new type of engagement approach. Within a changing health and care system, it’s important to be able to demonstrate your worth as a trusted partner. Conclusio will help you shape your strategic and operational value and help you gain access to the key, senior decision-makers with whom you need to build relationships.

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Successful implementation of partnership working requires the cornerstones of ‘reviewing and revising’, ‘sustaining outcomes’, ‘scoping and building’ and ‘managing and maintaining’. All the developmental elements need to operate within this framework. This includes the process of identifying need, scoping what needs to be done, building, planning and getting the right structure in place to support delivery and measuring and reviewing impact.

We will help you to align your offer acutely with the aims and objectives of health service commissioners and providers, namely

  • Addressing the challenges and demands faced by the NHS as your own
  • Improving the experience of, and outcomes for, service users
  • Articulating the benefits of your product and your ‘above brand’ and ‘beyond product’ offer
  • Co-designing solutions within an optimal care pathway approach
  • Making real world evidence available and sharing data and insight
  • Supporting NHS workforce through professional development
  • Identifying and operationalising the widest return on investment that embraces both economic and social returns

Engaging with impact

  • Working with the pharmaceutical industry on a range of local and national clinical innovation programmes
  • Reshaping training and development approaches through the provision of a national, virtual education programme across primary care systems
  • Supporting clients to develop innovative value propositions that focus on partnering with health systems to develop optimal care pathway approaches. Thereby, evidencing the wider value of the product and its impact
  • Developing and managing innovative and national launches of prescription and OTC medicines
  • Building influence through engaging with a wide range of senior health care professionals – this includes mapping of care path ways, creating digital data solutions, and holding national round table discussion events and advisory boards across a range of clinical partnerships
  • Connecting our clients to health and care systems, organisations, pathways and professionals – building trust, creating relationships and brokering dialogue

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Transformation requires a three-fold approach of driving awareness of the need for change, enabling that change and reinforcing what has changed. In the first case, understanding the current thoughts and behaviours, and highlighting unmet need, in the required contemplation is key. In the second case, enabling change demands identifying the opportunities for change and the key stakeholders in that endeavour. Identifying the level of support and resource required to make the change is also needed. Having committed to change, reinforcing and sustaining it through effective maintenance approaches, and optimising expectations and results is vitally important. As is a method of review.

Key areas of delivery

Working in partnership with health and care systems and Academic Health Science Networks to develop integrated clinical services and supply chain partnerships in areas such as Hepatitis C Elimination, Integration of Respiratory Services.

Leading market access and uptake programmes in MS, HRT, IVF, Neurology, Immunology, Diagnostics and Radiology and Pharmocogenomics.

Initiating prevention programmes in CVD and CHD, where a number of services have been identified as national areas of best practice and informed change across the country.

Developing a range of integrated care pathways, and new clinical services at integrated provider, primary care network and community pharmacy level.

Leading transformation programmes on behalf of health providers, commissioners and whole systems (examples include the West Essex Integrated Care Partnership and the transformation of health and care services across Wiltshire)

Enabling transformation through the development of appropriate structures and governance at a local level and delivering innovative programmes of continuing professional development for clinical teams.

Developing a broader range of specialised services at local level including home care services for patients with multiple sclerosis, sub-cutaneous drug administration services for patients with inflammatory bowel disease and home chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Supporting public affairs and government relations engagement in the branded generics and biosimilar sectors, and community pharmacy. This includes co-authoring a national report on VPAS on behalf of the BGMA.

Leading a number of national transformation programmes and authoring national reports such as the 10 Point Plan for addressing malnutrition, ‘Feeding Better Outcomes’ and a national transformation strategy for community pharmacy