Conclusio can work with you to develop new Budget Impact Modelling approaches or right size current budget impact models so they align with the future clinical, contractual and commercial needs of a changing NHS.

Led by commercially focused heath economist, clinicians, academics and pricing experts our experience includes:

❖ Delivered a large number of budget impact analyses to support national and local payer submissions and supporting NHS systems in utilising them.

❖ Taking an agile approach, ensuring our BIMs are comprehensive and reflective of the market place.

❖ Development of a compelling narrative in a credible, user friendly and interactive way for specific target clinical and payer audiences at system and national level.

❖ Providing data at national, system, trust, speciality, prescriber and patient level.

❖ Creating interactive outputs to leave behind after meetings with key decision makers.

❖ Providing “decision-support” capability which is intended to help to improve health and economic outcomes

  • Developing investment appraisals and business case models across NHS System