Conclusio can work with you to develop new Budget Impact Modelling approaches that align with the future clinical, contractual and commercial needs of a changing NHS.

Led by our heath economists, clinicians, academics and pricing experts, our experience includes:

  • Budget impact analyses that are comprehensive, reflective of the market place, support national and local payer engagement support NHS systems in utilising them.
  • Developing a compelling and credible narrative that is supported through a user-friendly and interactive platform, which can be accessed by clinical and payer audiences at system and national level.
  • Providing data at national, system, trust, speciality, prescriber and patient level.
  • Creating interactive outputs as ‘leave behinds’ after meetings with key decision makers.
  • Providing “decision-support” capability which is intended to help to improve health and economic outcomes
  • Developing investment appraisals and business case models across NHS System