Organisations with an ambition to align with the changes in health strategy need to express their value, and place within it, in ways that accord with the longitudinal objectives of the new schematic.

Fresh thinking and approaches in supporting your organisation through the  transition process necessary for it to take its place as a trusted partner within the NHS commissioning landscape - an environment in which we have  extensive experience through our daily operations.

Conclusio’s Progressio OD. programme will equip and enable everyone involved in client management and wider partnership working, to operate at the top of their licence within a new strategic outlook and approach.  Covering:

  • Organisational development
  • Training and professional development methodologies
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement through fresh narrative aligned to the challenges faced in the NHS
  • Moving away from traditional customer/supplier approaches to create an equitable partnership with common goals 

Progressio OD. can support your organisation, an example is our Mock Stakeholder/ Market Access Panel

Aimed at Team Leaders and Account Directors, the aim of this interactive session will be to provide access to a range of senior NHS Stakeholders and give the Market Access Team an opportunity to present the core offer and key messages and engage in a roundtable discussion with the key stakeholders in relation to relevance, message and point of entry.  There are also opportunities to discuss the current market in the NHS and the likely changes to procurement and commercial arrangements.