Conclusio system-wide data sets are tailored to your local system needs, providing access to updated data to support population health analysis in real time, segmented by system, organisation, GP practice and prescriber.

Conclusio is committed to supporting NHS systems, healthcare professionals and patients through the application of insight, evidence and intelligence.  

Here is a current example for NHS Primary Care Activity Data Analysis.

Example data sets:

•    NHS waiting time, treatment, diagnosis, cancer
•    registered and expected disease prevalence
•    Clinical cohort and population group
•    prescribing data by system, locality and prescriber
•    QOF information
•    welfare benefits specific to health condition
•    Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)
•    Ethnicity and diversity

Available data breakdowns by:

•    Integrated Care System
•    Clinical Commissioning Group
•    Local Authority
•    Primary Care Network
•    General Practice