A track-record of enhancing market access and developing strategies, payer relationships and opportunities for engagement.

Connected at all levels across a changing NHS. Conclusio operates with credibility at the Pharma/NHS interface as a result of the experience of its team.

Experts in joining the dots. Creating successful bridges between policy and operational practice and the NHS and its wider supply chain (i.e. the pharma industry) We understand the challenges at an operational level that can make it difficult to implement policy.

Building partnerships with purpose. Conclusio has an excellent track record in delivering successful partnerships between the pharma industry and a Sub-National NHS. Find out more on how we engage with Sub-national payers.

Holding up the mirror. We ask those organisations we support reflect on how they work together first before exploring how they might work in partnership with others.

Excellence in all we do. We shape thinking, influence narratives and deliver optimal results.

We know that change can seem like an ‘occupational hazard’ in healthcare but we know how to navigate with impact and stay on track toward successful implementation and creating something better than before.

Key areas of expertise

  • Payer Insights: Payer advisory boards, steering groups and market research
  • Strategic planning: Advanced notification, pre-launch planning and launch readiness
  • Tools and materials: Payer engagement and communication tools, value propositions and messaging
  • Training: Field-based payer engagement skills, NHS reform and commissioning environment

We have worked with: