We operate and influence at both strategic and tactical levels. We utilise our experience, insight, and the evidence we generate, to implement new ways of working to develop innovative service partnerships. This delivers improved outcomes for the services, the organisations we work with, and systems as a whole.

We have worked with:

  • Entire health and care systems
  • Individual NHS Organisations
  • National Bodies
  • GPs
  • Community Pharmacists
  • Nursing and Residential Homes
  • Digital and technology companies
  • Global Pharma
  • SME Pharma
  • Trade Groups
  • AHSNs
  • Universities
  • Hospices
  • Social enterprises
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Patient Groups
  • Care Sector
  • Governments

Innovation process

Innovation is a process of attaining insight, determining the problem, providing a solution with an appropriately designed business model and scaling to suit the level at which the innovation needs to occur. Throughout the process of embedding innovatory practice, design or delivery, a continuing effort needs to be taken in calling out the challenge, scoping the task, optimising the solution and determining its value and then delivering at scale.