We operate and influence at both strategic and tactical levels. We utilise our experience, insight, and the evidence we generate, to implement new ways of working to develop innovative service partnerships. This delivers improved outcomes for the services, the organisations we work with, and systems as a whole.

We have worked with:

  • Entire health and care systems
  • Individual NHS Organisations
  • National Bodies
  • GPs
  • Community Pharmacists
  • Nursing and Residential Homes
  • Digital and technology companies
  • Global Pharma
  • SME Pharma
  • Trade Groups
  • AHSNs
  • Universities
  • Hospices
  • Social enterprises
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Patient Groups
  • Care Sector
  • Governments

NHS Structures - where do you need to influence?


Conclusio helps organisations that seek to work in partnership with health system organisations to operate at the right level of influence. Within Integrated Care systems that serve populations of 1million plus, Conclusio supports major partnership frameworks, change and priority management, workforce and infrastructure planning and large-scale transformation. Alongside this, Conclusio works with local health commissioners, modelling population wellbeing and optimal health care approaches. This includes organisational development, governance and partnership working across a mixed health and social care economy. Within the newly formed alliances of Primary Care Networks, Conclusio offers support where development of locally tailored services is required, or where support is needed in optimal service design and management of urgent care and system resilience. Conclusio also helps in the developing of improved multi-disciplinary working. In General Practices, Conclusio works with GP practices to develop optimal approaches in coordinated, complex and multidisciplinary care