Over the last decade Conclusio has worked with organisations across the NHS and the wider public sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the private sector, in the UK and overseas. We deliver blended solutions that support the pharmaceutical industry, health systems in the UK and internationally, national organisations, private healthcare providers and academia.

Conclusio brings Experience, via its panel of market leading consultants; Influence, though its relationships with key stakeholders; and Delivery, based on using data and insight to operationalise strategy and identify incentives, risks and rewards.

Our expertise is as diverse as our people, all of whom share a common experience of improving how health care works, launching innovative medicines and services, enhancing partnership and designing better outcomes for those using, building and delivering health services.

Our Vision – Health Systems and Industry sharing solutions that are informed by data, technology, and evidence of what works to drive improvement, stimulate innovation and transform health and care services.

Our Mission – Supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry to develop mutual and trusted partnerships with the NHS that deliver improved outcomes for the end user.

We make access and transformational change our business, believing in as is only when that is as good as it can humanly get.

Innovation process

Innovation is a process of attaining insight, determining the problem, providing a solution with an appropriately designed business model and scaling to suit the level at which the innovation needs to occur. Throughout the process of embedding innovatory practice, design or delivery, a continuing effort needs to be taken in calling out the challenge, scoping the task, optimising the solution and determining its value and then delivering at scale.